Top Tube Bike Bag

Top Tube Bike Bag



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As a cycling enthusiast, managing your valuable can be annoying. B-SOUL understands that and has thus designed the perfect solution: their Top tube cycling bag. Fully waterproof, the bag features a small compartment for your valuables, with added protection credited to the zipper all over the bike phone bag. Made using 100% polyester, the bag is not only completely waterproof but also highly durable and striking. B-SOUL designed this bag to be user-friendly, making it easy to attach and detach using the straps.

The bag comes with a touch panel so that you can use your phone without taking it out of the cover. The upper side of the bike phone bag has a small cover which helps you look at screen easily in the sun with its sun-vision technology. B-Soul’s Waterproof Tope-Tube Bag is a must have for all bike riders because it protects your belongings, keeps them together and adds to your attire with its stylish design!


• Water proof, seepage-free design
• 100% Synthetic Polyester
• Touch screen panel for usage in the rain
• Trend-setting style that beats its competitors
• Highly durable
• Available in a variety of colors
• Tear-resistant straps for a long-lasting run
• Extra space for small belongings

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Package Weight 0.14 kg
Package Size 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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