Elite Bicycle Handlebar Grips – 2 Pcs

Elite Bicycle Handlebar Grips – 2 Pcs



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The fists of the bicycle are, along with the tires, one of the components that suffer most from wear and tear, especially if an extreme cycling modality is practiced.

Your comfort on the bike will depend to a great extent on the good choice when buying new bicycle grips, ergonomic grips or maybe handlebar tape that will make your current fists more comfortable without having to replace them.

The Elite Bicycle Handlebar Grips are intended to ensure perfect grip when gripping the handlebar. The advantages that good fists offer the cyclist are obvious. On the one hand, the surface of the cuffs is non-slip, which prevents the hands from slipping, especially if the hands are damp with sweat. An element that also ensures the cyclist before the sliding of the cuffs is the use of good gloves. On the other hand, good fists absorb the blows, avoiding discomfort or injuries that usually occur in the wrists and palms.

The sponge material used to manufacture there handle grips absorb the small vibrations that occur when riding a bicycle and thus contribute to the comfort of walking.

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10.5cm x 3.2cm (approx)

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