A cycling helmet is essential, a resounding majority of bike fans will agree. They are designed for one thing, rider safety, and no matter where you ride a cycling helmet will definitely have saved your life at least once. The American Journal of Surgery in their 2016 report concluded that a cycling helmet could reduce traumatic brain injury by 51%, while facial fractures can be reduced up to 31%.

How to Buy the Best Bike Helmet

For those of our readers just starting out with cycling and looking for their first bike helmet or mountain bike helmet we have a brilliant how to choose a bike helmet guide just for you. We give you five most important criteria to choose the best bike helmet for the trails that you ride.
Do remember at this point that not all helmets are made for every kind of cyclist, and the gear varies by the type of terrain you ride on. An expensive cycling helmet isnt necessarily the best bike helmet either, since it may contain features that you may never use. I recommend you to go through our exclusive guide to understand how to choose the best bike helmet for you.
Keep in mind that a cool bike helmet is never a good idea, it may look attractive but if its heavy it can be dangerous. The best bike helmet should preferably be no more than 600 grams, depending on the accessories attached to it including glasses, visors, insect nets etc.

Types of Cycling Helmets

There are several types of bike helmets you will discover as you go looking for one including:
  • Road Bike helmet
  • MTB or Mountain Bike Helmets
  • Indoor Cycling Helmets
  • Triathlon Helmets
  • Urban Bike Helmets
  • Kids Helmets
  • Every cycling helmet comes with its own set of features specially designed for that kind of rider. For instance, a road bike helmet made with a tough exterior to resist road shocks, several vents to keep your head cool, and a 360 protective design to keep your head safe. Similarly, an MTB bike helmet comes with a visor upfront to counter tree branches and keep the eyes safe from the rubble. CyclersKit Helmets Collection At CyclersKit we bring you the best bike helmets, with a superb, certified, and colorful selection adult bike helmets. Our premium men bike helmet section brings you an MTB bike helmet variety, in addition to superb lightweight helmet designs for the road. We also pride ourselves over our excellent assortment of women bike helmets. The ladies can choose from a certified range cool bike helmets for urban cycling and lightweight helmets to ensure your convenience. Our womens road bike helmet variety is also one of the most diverse available across most online cycling stores. So come along and browse through our fines assortment of the best adult bike helmets.